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Amethyst 4G/5G


eSIM Compatible




30 Days



30 Days of Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Hotspot per month.



The 30 Day Unlimited Travel Pass gives you everything you need UNLIMITED!

Perfect for using your phone virtually anywhere in the U.S. It includes unlimited Voice Calls, Text & 5G/4G Data on your smartphone on our network, all at no additional charge.

This plan also comes with unlimited Mobile HotSpot (at 3G speeds in US) to share your phone's data with other devices. Device, network, and coverage impact experience and speeds, which vary.

During congestion the small fraction of customer using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next service period due to data prioritization. Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p).

Unlimited high-speed data in US only. This plan excludes Mexico and Canada

On-device usage is prioritized over tethering usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on device.

This 30 Day Unlimited Travel Pass and the phone number associated with your account is non-renewable; your travel pass will automatically end after 30 days and the number attached to it will expire. Numbers can not be ported out or ported in.