1000 GB DATA ONLY PLAN - Amethyst Network

999 items left


$120/monthly + proration of first month*

One time $9.99 activation fee

*This plan renews data on the 1st of every month so you will receive an invoice for the prorated amount prior to activation.





1 month 



1000GB Data Only for routers/hotspots*



1000GB of 4G LTE Data for routers/hotspots on Amethyst Network

*Comes with FREE Tri-cut SIM card

*Only certain routers will work with this plan. Below is a list of all devices that are proven to work and that will NOT WORK with this plan.

Known Compatible Devices:
  1. OpenWRT Based Modems
  2. GL.iNet Modems
  3. Pepwave Modems (Exception: This plan actively blocks Pepwave Modems with Telit LM960A18 LTE Chip)
  4. R2 - GTEN
  5. V4A - GTEN
  6. C4R400
  7. Mofi 4500 / 5500
  8. Digi EX15 Cat06 / Digi EX50 Cat20
Devices confirmed NOT to work:
  1. Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 Modems
  2. Netgear ORBI LBR20
  3. T-Mobile Branded Hotspots
  4. V5 GTEN